One third of workers in South East say their colleagues don’t get enough mental support – Bracknell News

ONE third (33 per cent) of South East workers say their employer fails to offer additional help or support for employees who have neurodevelopment disorders.

According to research by Willis Towers Watson, one in ten (9 per cent) workers in the region said they, or someone they work with, lives with a neurodevelopment disorder, such as autism, Asperger’s, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, Tourette’s, or dyscalculia*.

Whilst one in three respondents said the affected person did not receive support, the same number (33 per cent) said they received education or advice from their employers on their colleague’s condition.

According to autism research charity Autistica, more than 500,000 adults are living with autism in the UK alone.

“Neurodevelopment disorders clearly affect the lives of many working-age people in the UK, but much more can be done in terms of understanding, education and support,” said Mike Blake, wellbeing lead at Willis Towers Watson.

“Companies should look to establish an inclusive working environment, which supports both the worker with the condition and their colleagues.

“This may mean workplace adjustments for the worker in question, or workshops for colleagues to help them better understand the condition and why such allowances are necessary.”

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