‘#NotAWitch’: People With Limb Differences Call Out ‘The Witches’ Movie for Its Portrayal of Disabilities – Health.com


Fans of Roald Dahl have been looking forward to the movie adaptation of his 1983 children’s fantasy novel The Witches. But since it was released last month—via on-demand services due to the COVID-19-enforced closure of movie theaters—not all feedback has been positive.

The movie stars Anne Hathaway as the Grand High Witch, and she’s depicted with just claw-like hands with three fingers on each. This has led to backlash from campaigners and people with limb differences, who have accused the movie of portraying disabilities as “something to be scared of” and labeling the depiction as “shockingly out of touch.” (Notably, Dahl’s novel didn’t refer to the character as having missing fingers—the witches had claws instead of nails, which they used gloves to cover.)

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