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Nike has launched the GO FlyEase, accessible hands-free shoes that are easy to put on and take off by simply slipping your foot in without bending down to do up laces, zips or straps.

The innovative design was inspired by Matthew Walzer, who wrote a letter at aged 16 to Nike asking for an accessible pair of shoes he could put on and off independently because he has cerebral palsy.

Following nine years of researching, engineering and testing, the GO FlyEase hands-free shoe is now launched and will be available to purchase soon.

How do the Nike GO FlyEase hands-free shoes work?

The Nike GO FlyEase hands-free shoes are a sophisticated and accessible way of wearing footwear. Behind the shoe’s smooth motion is a bi-stable hinge that enables the shoe to be secure in fully-open and fully-closed positions.

This duality allows another signature detail: the Nike GO FlyEase tensioner. The tensioner’s unique flexibility super-charges an action many might take for granted (kicking-off a shoe) and completely reimagines this movement as the basis for and accessible and empowering design.

Not only will the GO FlyEase shoes be life-changing and gain further independence to disabled people, but the hands-free shoes will also benefit the wider community, including professional athletes, pregnant women, parents with their hands full and students late for classes.

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