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Vitamin B8 could prevent spina bifida, study finds – BBC News

BBC News A study has suggested that an everyday vitamin could help prevent one of the UK’s most common birth defects. Researchers have found that…

Denna Laing shows off remarkable improvement in spinal cord injury rehab – FOXSports.com

FOXSports.com Boston Pride forward Denna Laing suffered a severe spinal cord injury on Dec. 31 after crashing head-first into the boards at the Women’s Winter…

Sunderland AFC go extra mile to help fans with autism attend matches – Metro

Metro Going to support your team can be a bit of a challenge when you’ve got autism. Big crowds, loud noises, bright lights – it…

I wanted to become a journalist since childhood – By Simona Petaccia

Given that I couldn’t attend a recognized School of Journalism, I graduated from the Literature and Foreign Language University summa cum laude, because (Dreaming…

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