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Teen with ultra rare tumours has leg amputated after limb swells to three times normal size – Mirror.co.uk

A brave teen has had her leg amputated after rare tumours made it grow to three times its normal size. Tia Leigh suffers from…

Too pretty to be in a wheelchair

Sarah Wilson “I feel like people look at me when I’m out and think ‘why have you even bothered'”, says the 28-year-old. “I think…

Tia Leigh with NF1 overjoyed to have her leg amputated – Daily Mail

A teenage girl who begged to have her leg amputated after it swelled to three times the size of the other has spoken of…

Southport school hosts ‘Go Orange Day’ to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy – Southport Visiter

To raise awareness, a Muscular Dystrophy UK spokesperson, Mr Houghton, was invited along to give more information about the condition to the pupils, and…

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