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Man with genetic disorder lifts 152 lb tire nine times – Daily Mail Online

A 21-year-old man with a rare genetic disorder was filmed lifting a 152lb tire nearly a dozen times across his Tampa, Florida gym. The feat…

‘Smart’ Robot Tech Could Give Stroke Rehab a Boost – WebMD

Scientists say they have developed a “smart” robotic harness that might make it easier for people to learn to walk again after a stroke…

Who is Nikki Fox? Watchdog Live presenter and award-winning reporter who has muscular dystrophy – The Sun

WATCHDOG Live has returned, which means presenter Nikki Fox is back on our screens. But who exactly is the award-winning journalist? Here’s all you need…

Yeovil man’s amazing journey from spinal cord injury to channel swim challenge – Somerset Live

A spinal cord injury can happen at any time, to anyone, and on September 13 2014, Chris Collings from Yeovil had a fall in…

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