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Lyme disease sufferer claims bee stings help control her symptoms – BBC News

A woman with Lyme disease has claimed being stung by bees helps ease her symptoms. Ingrid Watt, 36, who grew up in Orkney and now…

FM and Another Person’s Day-in-the-Life – Fibromyalgia News Today

After reading Robin Dix’s recent column “A Day in the Life of This Fibromyalgia Patient,” I was reminded that although we all suffer through…

‘Delighted’ Wycombe High School crowned winner of epilepsy education award for its work with 19-year-old pupil, Hannah Boddy – Bucks Free Press

A Wycombe school has been crowned winner of an Epilepsy Action education award for its work in supporting pupils with epilepsy. Wycombe High School was…

Newly discovered micro-gene may protect against epilepsy – Medical News Today

Epilepsy affects tens of millions of people worldwide, but the causes of epileptic seizures remain largely unknown. New research may have found a micro-gene…

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