New York Fashion Week 2018: Model with Down’s syndrome walks the runway – The Independent

A young model with Down’s syndrome has fulfilled her childhood dream of modelling at New York Fashion Week.

Marian Avila, 21, walked the runway on Saturday in the Talisha White show, donning a series of opulent evening gowns while her parents and siblings watched on in the audience.

The progressive catwalk featured models of all ages, including Tae McKenzie, who uses a wheelchair.

Avila was born in the Benidorm area of eastern Spain and aspired to become both a model and actress from a young age.

“I felt really happy and I really loved the runway,” she told Associated Press via a translator, “I wanted to show the world that there are no barriers.”

White, 25, added that Avila has been making waves in the fashion industry, garnering attention from leading magazines and designers since appearing in her show:

“She’s been a busy supermodel, meeting with all types of people,” White said.

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