New research will improve prediction of outcomes for spinal cord injury: personal injury lawyer – Canadian Lawyer Magazine

Spinal cord injury may cause partial or complete paralysis below the point of injury on the spine.

Robert Deutschmann, a lawyer at Deutschmann Law Professional Corporation, has called attention to an article shedding light on how outcomes of spinal cord injuries, such as the speed of recovery and the risk of life-threatening complications, can be better predicted.

“By linking the specific white blood cell to the type of injury, along with other factors such as the patient’s age and sex, we can put that into a model and now better predict their outcome,” wrote Marc Ruitenberg, associate professor of the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Queensland in Australia, in Cracking the ‘code’ to predict recovery for patients with spinal cord injury. The university released the study on Mar. 23 and published in the Clinical and Translational Medicine magazine.

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