New Google feature for deaf users identifies fire alarms, dog barking and other ‘critical’ sounds – Daily Mail

Google has introduced a new feature for Android that notifies deaf users if there is water running, a dog barking or a fire alarm going off.

Users can be notified about ‘critical’ sounds through push notifications, vibrations on their phone or a flash from their camera light.

While Google said Sound Notifications is designed for the estimated 466 million people in the world with hearing loss, it can also help people who are wearing headphones or otherwise distracted.

Developed with machine learning, Sound Notifications uses your phone’s microphone to recognize ten different noises—including baby noises, shouting, water running, smoke and fire alarms, sirens, appliances beeping, door knocking and a landline phone ringing.

Last year, Google introduced two new accessibility options – Sound Amplifier Live Transcribe, which turns speech into text in real time and will even alert you when your name is spoken aloud.

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