New Documentary Follows Family After Sons’ Muscular Dystrophy Diagnosis – The Mighty

What happened: A rare form of muscular dystrophy is chronicled in a new documentary where director and father Nick Taussig navigates the family’s life after his two sons are diagnosed with the condition. The boys, Theo and Oskar, have Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The film, “A Space in Time,” follows the boys as their condition progresses and reduces their mobility. The documentary includes perspective from the parents as well as a first-person account from the boys on adjusting to life with a disability.

Disability is often poorly portrayed or misrepresented, its depiction seeking to elicit sympathy, a sense of tragedy, or worse still, pity, which helps neither someone living with disability nor someone living without it. Why are the able-bodied so often unable to see beyond the disability … and witness instead an individual who leads a rich and varied life, their disability just one aspect of them? — Nick Taussig

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