Music review: Sia’s catastrophic directorial debut uses autism like it’s a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ poster – The Independent

Sia once cultivated a transgressive sense of mystery. A cult indie pop artist turned global pop star and songwriter, who’s written tracks such as Rihanna’s “Diamonds”, she would appear on red carpets and on stage wearing elaborate wigs that concealed her face. We knew little about her outside of her lyrics. She told us that she hid herself in public as a form of protection, fame having always been an unappealing prospect for an artist who began quietly and never intended to be as big as she became. With her shambles of a directorial debut Music, unwanted fame has been traded for unpleasant infamy.

A baffling inspirational drama plagued by bad directorial choices, the film has been trailed by controversy over its depiction of autism. On her Twitter account, Sia has loudly got it wrong – mocking its neurodivergent critics (she later apologised) and appearing defensive over her decisions as a writer and director. Music has been called everything from offensive to plainly dangerous for its depiction of a kind of physical restraint linked to serious injuries and even death. Sia’s creative reputation has been left in tatters. The mystery has gone, replaced only by frustration and discomfort. It would be sad if it wasn’t so easily avoidable.

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