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Saturday, 13 May, 2023

Music and neurodiversity — Classical–Music.com

The City of London Sinfonia gives two concerts at the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall on 14 May (4pm and 7pm), exploring neurodivergent experiences, the ways we can learn to understand the strengths of neurodiverse people and accommodate their needs.

The concerts feature a new commission entitled Divergent Sounds, and are a collaboration between the orchestra and King’s College London, aided by a steering committee of neurodivergent people with an interest in collaborative and socially-engaged projects.

Ahead of the event, Jon Adams (pictured), one of the people involved in the project, reflects on the power of music to transcend boundaries between people who think differently.

It seems that alongside each unique language, every human culture has their music. I believe the same is true of neurodivergent cultures. Music not only transcends boundaries as a form of universal language but also transcends the barriers society places between people who think differently.

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