Mum writes storybook about her son to raise awareness of autism – ITV News

Credit: ITV News

A woman who has written a storybook about her son says she hopes it will increase public understanding of autism.

Janet Popham, who lives in Newport, wrote about her ten-year-old son Archie, who struggles to communicate with others.

Janet is a teacher and wants to encourage as many children as possible to embrace their differences.

The book is about Archie’s life.

It’s Archie as an alligator and it’s just his way through the jungle, he meets new friends and they don’t quite understand him because he’s got different behaviours but through the book he tells them actually I’m not that different I like what you like, I do want to play if you just give me that wee bit of a chance you’ll find out I’m just like you.

The end of the book is my very favourite it says all creatures great and small realise Archie wasn’t that different after all.


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