Mum reveals tiny detail in photo led to daughter’s shock diagnosis – Yahoo News NZ

Aussie mum Claudia Hobday opens up to Yahoo Lifestyle about her daughter Zoe’s journey with Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumours to form on nerve tissue, bone, or skin, and the signs every parent should look out for. These are her words:

Claudia Hobday has opened up about her daughter Zoe’s journey with Neurofibromatosis. Photo: Supplied

Growing up I had no idea I had NF1. I went my whole life not even knowing there was such a condition as Neurofibromatosis Type1, nor had I ever heard the words uttered until 8th May 2019.

Our story starts only a couple of weeks earlier on Zoe’s 4th birthday. After a day of celebrations, I had tucked the children into bed and looked through the photos I had taken that day. I noticed in every photo her left eye seemed crossed. I dismissed it and thought she was probably just excited and tired.

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