Mum of child with autism creates children’s books to explore what it’s like to be different – Leicestershire Live

Pam Kosminsky from Hinckley has published a series of picture books to help people understand what it’s like growing up being different.

Overcoming prejudice or trying to fit in can be very hard when you don’t look or act the same as those around you.

One mum-of-three from Hinckley is using her diverse heritage and story telling skills to help children and adults understand what it’s like to grow up feeling different.

Pam Kosminsky, 36, has written three colourful books for her Just Like Me series, inspired by the challenges she faced growing up and now as the parent of a young child with autism.

The books aim to promote themes of diversity and inclusion by introducing young children and adults to the difficulties youngsters can face in expressing themselves and being accepted.

Her eldest son, six-year-old Walter, was diagnosed with autism in 2017, and he also has sensory processing disorder (SDP), when the brain struggles to process information it receives from the senses.

Pam said: “As parents, I found it difficult to find diverse books where children like Walter could see themselves in the pages of a book.

“They say create the things you wish existed, so I started to write a series called Just Like Me – picture books with the aim to celebrate and teach kids to value the uniqueness of all children.”

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