MS sufferers join fight in Houses of Parliament raising awareness of Multiple Sclerosis – London News Online

A teacher and a former banker who both live with multiple sclerosis are spearheading a campaign for investment into the condition.

George Hornby, from Herne Hill, and Rebbecca Robinson, from Croydon, have raised awareness about the need of investment in MS research in the Houses of Parliament.

The duo’s stories featured in the MS Society’s Multiple Sclerosis – The Research Story exhibition, which was displayed in the Houses of Parliament’s Upper Waiting Hall from June 10-14.

Everyone is sharing their testimony in the hope Parliamentarians will pledge support for advancing MS research.

Teaching assistant Rebbecca, 33, was diagnosed with MS in 2018, after waking up with an excruciating arm pain out of the blue. Her symptoms include fatigue, vertigo, numbness and spasms in her right leg, and constant nerve pain in her head.

Rebbecca said: “Finding out I had MS really upset me because I have an amazing four-year-old and worry he might have to look after me one day. “But with advances in treatments I could be symptom-free.

My hope is for a cure so I can live my life with less worry and anxiety. It would mean I could look after my son, have a fulfilling life and continue to achieve my goals for myself and my family.”

Rebbecca has chosen to showcase a Scrabble board and a card her son made for Mother’s Day, representing their love for each other.

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