Motor neurone disease: ‘We want to spend time with our families, not fighting the system’ –

The 62-year-old was diagnosed with the terminal illness in September 2012. He had been experiencing symptoms for two years, and after doing research was somewhat prepared when his diagnosis was confirmed. However, David hid his illness from his three children, who were then in their mid-20s.

He said: “That was the hardest thing – I had to tell them I had MND just before Christmas.”

David, who lives with wife Helen in Surrey, said he is doing everything he can to support this campaign as he feels it is his duty. “We’re not asking for more money,” he said.

“While that would be nice, we are simply asking for fast-track access to the benefits people with terminal illnesses need and deserve so affected families don’t have to waste time fighting the system and instead can spend more precious time together, making memories.”

David was forced to give up his job as managing director of a publishing company in the City three years ago.

He added: “I am fortunate to have a relatively slowly progressing form of MND and so have time to advocate on behalf of those for whom progression is much quicker.

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