Motor neurone disease sufferer claims he was turned away from a cruise because of his disability – Daily Mail

A father of two with motor neurone disease was turned away from a Royal Caribbean cruise due to his disability.

Justin Yerbury, a professor in neurodegenerative disease at the University of Wollongong, attempted to board the cruise ship travelling from Sydney to New Caledonia on Sunday.

Inexplicably, he was informed he would not be allowed to travel due to his physical condition.

‘The ship captain and doctor said they weren’t equipped to look after us,’ he told the ABC.

‘This was despite the fact we brought two carers and my wife, who is trained to look after me.

‘They decided I was too much of a risk.’

Professor Yerbury has a genetic form of motor neurone disease and underwent a tracheostomy and laryngectomy last year.

After a testing 12 months, he was relishing time away with his family but was bitterly disappointed.

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