Motor neurone disease research comes to Lancashire – Lancashire Evening Post

His job as a consultant neurologist demands the highest medical and scientific rigour from Professor Suresh Chhetri.

But the Royal Preston-based medic does allow himself the smallest of subjective assessments when it comes to one particular group of patients – those suffering from the nerve disorder motor neurone disease (MND).

“They are always the nicest of all people – and you can ask anybody who works in this field and they will tell you the same,” he says

“I would describe them as the embodiments of grace.”

Prof Chhetri’s experience of his MND patients stands in stark contrast with the cruelty of the condition which he helps to treat.

“I don’t think you’ll find a worse illness – it destroys an individual and destroys families.

“It takes away things that you take for granted – the ability to talk, walk and eat.

“You might feel hungry and desperately want food, but can’t swallow it. You might be breathless and want to take in a lung full of air, but can’t. You might even just want to give a hug – and are denied.

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