Mother of Mitcham boy left with brain injury due to group B strep calls for earlier testing – Wimbledon Guardian

A Mitcham mum is campaigning for all pregnant women to be tested for a potentially fatal bacterial infection after it left her son with a serious brain injury.

Bethany Ford, 23, was tested for group B strep during her labour at Epsom Hospital.

However, by the time the results testing positive for the condition came back, her son Grayson Harris was already born and admitted to the special baby care unit. The test found that group B strep had caused meningitis.

Grayson was discharged from hospital two weeks after his birth in December 2015. However, he was readmitted to hospital several weeks later. Following further tests was diagnosed as having a brain injury and now has global development delay.

“The first few weeks of Grayson’s life were incredibly traumatic and no parent should have to see their child suffer and struggle in the way he did,” Bethany said.

“It is also difficult to take that following his birth it seemed like the doctors did not initially think there was any cause for concern.

“The older Grayson gets the more we are noticing just how far behind other children his age he is.

“We love Grayson so much and are determined to ensure that he gets the best from life. However, we think it is also vital that steps are taken to ensure that group B Strep testing is undertaken a lot earlier than it was in our case.

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