MIT Unveils a New Bionics Center Funded by a $24 Million Gift From Lisa Yang – Barron’s

The new K. Lisa Yang Center for Bionics at MIT, made possible by a US$24 million gift from philanthropist Lisa Yang (center) , will be led by Hugh Herr, professor of media arts and sciences at the MIT Media Lab (left) and Ed Boyden, the Y. Eva Tan Professor in Neurotechnology at MIT (right).
Caitlin Cunningham

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched a new bionics center Thursday funded by a US$24 million gift by investor-turned-philanthropist Lisa Yang.

The K. Lisa Yang Center for Bionics, which will be run by Hugh Herr, an MIT professor and double amputee, aims to develop technologies and surgical methods to mitigate disability because of injury, aging, or disease.

It will focus on interdisciplinary research, uniting experts from three MIT schools: Science, Engineering, and Architecture and Planning, as well as clinical and surgical collaborators at Harvard Medical School.

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