Mindset Matters: How Streaming Services Are Changing The Landscape Of Autism In Hollywood And Beyond – Forbes

With the recent Oscar nomination of Netflix’s Crip Camp, there has been a lot more attention being paid to issues of disabilities. This newfound awareness has certainly not gone unnoticed by many in Hollywood, specifically as it pertains to the broader diversity within the disability community. Over the past few years, several streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max have ventured into telling stories of those on the autism spectrum. Perhaps, it is because of the frequency and growth of the autism population with 1 in 54 children in the US being diagnosed as somewhere on the spectrum or rather because this community must be storied into the world where the nuances of their lives can be seen and heard in creative ways.

Streaming services are a unique platform in that there is a sense of intimacy and connection where viewers can watch on numerous devices from cellphones, laptops to traditional televisions in the comfort of their own homes. This ‘small screen’ approach may offer a feeling of closeness that amplifies a greater understanding of character and form and allows for a broader exploration for those on the autism spectrum through different genres.

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