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Friday, 23 September, 2022

Manage your spinal cord injury pain with 5 lifestyle changes – Health shots

People suffering from spinal cord injury usually face difficulty transitioning to everyday life. This is mainly because spinal cord injuries can dramatically affect the quality of life and even hamper it drastically. Further, since battling pain can become a challenging situation for patients, overcoming these injuries or pain management becomes essential for their recovery.

Spinal cord injury pain management with chronic pain

Chronic pain management is one of the patients’ most vital aspects of the post-recovery process. Since chronic pain can sometimes last many months and years, it becomes necessary for patients to learn and deal with their pain. Also, as chronic pain cannot be eliminated, learning how to manage or effectively reduce it becomes crucial for patients with such injuries. In such a situation, understanding the nature of pain and working with a team of experts, including a spinal cord expert, will help you gauge treatment options and find something that will match your specific requirements.

Read more at: https://www.healthshots.com/preventive-care/self-care/5-lifestyle-tips-to-manage-spinal-cord-injury-pain/

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