Man diagnosed with autism as a child overcame ‘fears’ to write a book after his mum’s death – Nottinghamshire Live

A 22-year-old who was diagnosed with autism as a child has overcome ‘fears and anxieties’ to write a book following the death of his mum.

Ben Robson, 22, of Mapperley, said he has a passion for writing and illustrating.

His mum, Janine Archer, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in January 2017.

The condition affected her breathing and speech. She died in November 2017, aged 50.

Following his mum’s death, Ben has written a children’s book which is inspired by her cats.

Ben had a fear of animals when he was a child.

But after his mum introduced him to cats at home and his dad rescued a German Shepherd crossed with a Rottweiler called Roxy, he overcame his fear.

The book “Kitty Realms” tells the tale of four cats whose home is attacked by the evil Zlidkar. The cats must go on a brave journey to save their kingdom.

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