‘Major advance’ in heart attack detection as risk calculator is ready for use – Daily Mail

It uses known risk factors for heart and circulatory diseases such as age, sex, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and smoking (file image)

A risk calculator that helps predict heart attacks and circulatory diseases years before they strike is ready for use across Britain, researchers say.

The risk calculator, SCORE2, enables doctors to predict who is at risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years with greater accuracy.

Researchers say the tool represents a ‘major advance’ in the field, and will help to save people from having a potentially deadly heart attack or stroke.

Those who are flagged as having an increased risk can be put on personalised preventative treatment. This can include statins, or lifestyle advice to lower the risk.

Around 200 investigators and researchers across Europe analysed data from nearly 700,000 participants – mostly middle-aged – from 45 different studies.

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