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Fibromyalgia is life-altering. It has prevented me from accomplishing many of the goals I aspired to and always assumed I’d achieve. In the past, I attributed this fact to my wide variety of symptoms. But lately, I’ve begun to realize there’s another factor involved. It’s time — or rather the lack of it. I’m more limited by having only four good hours in my day than I am by any of my symptoms.

My day usually begins around 11 a.m. It’s not that I’m not up earlier than that. My bed is usually made by 8:15. It’s that most days I feel really bad in the morning. It’s never the same kind of bad, though. One thing I do have is variety.

Some mornings I’m stiff and sore all over. Other days my pain is limited to one or two places. When pain is my primary challenge, I employ the tools I know that are likely to help. It may be meditation, a hot shower, yoga stretches, or just moving around the house. Sometimes just getting up and dressed relieves the stiffness. If medication is needed, I take it then.

There are other days when I feel too depressed or anxious to function. Mood alterations like these are far more difficult to overcome for me. I can’t tolerate any of the medications available to help with this issue, so I struggle to get through it on my own. Although I’m not a religious person, I have become quite spiritual lately. Sometimes reading just a few pages by one of my favourite spiritual authors (i.e., Eckhart Tolle, Brené Brown, Wayne Dyer) can lift my mood to the point where I can begin my day.

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