Literacy is Not More Important than Numeracy, So Why is Dyscalculia Ignored? – Shout Out UK

If you’ve never heard of Dyscalculia, or what it is, then this proves my point that a serious learning condition is being overlooked.

In 2021, Matt Hancock brought the Dyslexia screening bill to Parliament. This was regarded by many as a moment of progress. His aim was for Primary Schools across the UK to introduce dyslexia screening for all pupils.

For the 6.3 million people across the UK who struggle with dyslexia, it’s likely to be much easier to find spaces, support groups and accessible education. However, amidst all of this positive progress, there remains a growing problem within the education system. Dyscalculia is a lesser-known learning disability that affects one’s ability to understand numbers and develop numerical skills.

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