Lenny Johnrose staying positive in motor neurone disease fight – BBC Sport

Lenny Johnrose understands how people with motor neurone disease can sink into depression.

He has been there himself.

Yet the former footballer, who was diagnosed with MND in March 2017, suggests that he “is sort of over the worst of it”.

This is typical of Johnrose, whose courage and positive outlook are admirable.

There is no cure for MND, a debilitating condition which is fatal and can significantly shorten life expectancy.

Johnrose is having to battle fatigue, and says walking is becoming increasingly challenging however he is determined to get on with life.

“You have got to,” Johnrose tells BBC Wales Sport.

“Whether you’re ill or not ill, I have always said you have got to be positive and make something of it.

“The fact that I have a disability is not going to stop me doing things I want to do or things I think are the right things to do.”

Johnrose has faced some dark times since a trip to hospital amid concerns over a fracture which had not healed began the process which led to the MND diagnosis.

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