Law firm continues employment campaign for people with ‘hidden’ disabilities. – The Press, York

A YORK law firm has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the business benefits of employing people with ‘hidden’ disabilities.

A seminar was held at The Grange Hotel in York by specialist employment solicitors Torque Law to kick-off the campaign.

The firm is teaming up with neurodiversity specialist Creased Puddle, based in Rufforth, near York, for certain events as part of its year-long campaign.

During the session, staff from Torque Law, accompanied by Caroline Turner from Creased Puddle, helped to demystify some of the terminology around neurodiversity, and highlighted some practical approaches to dealing with potentially sensitive situations.

The goal was to emphasise the ‘flipside’ to people with hidden disabilities and the skills that those diagnosed, or undiagnosed, with conditions such as autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD can bring to businesses.

Emma Whiting, partner at Torque Law, which is based at Northminister Business Park, Upper Poppleton, said: “We were delighted with the response to this event and how receptive people were to becoming change agents for neurodiversity in their organisations. One of our key messages was that by making simple changes to existing business practice and process, the rewards from employing and attracting a more neurodiverse and engaged workforce are significant.

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