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A BORDERS grandmother who suffered a devastating brain injury during a car crash is urging other sufferers to get help.

Katrina Cameron was a fun-loving support worker before the accident in September, 2016.

Although her physical injuries quickly healed in the weeks after the collision, she was left with speech problems, short-term memory loss, persistent headaches and an over-riding sense of vulnerability.

It took Katrina several months of fighting with her local GP for a referral onto a neurologist.

And he immediately put her in touch with a support network which has turned her life around once more.

The 62-year-old from Eyemouth is sharing her story ahead of Brain Injury Awareness Week, which runs from Monday, May 20.

Katrina told us: “People thought there was nothing wrong with me because you can’t see a brain injury.

“I was having to tell people to talk slowly as I couldn’t follow what they were saying, I was forgetting things, had terrible sore heads and I just couldn’t face going outside.

“I lost a lot of friends after the accident and I just locked myself away.

“The doctor was telling me it was symptoms of whiplash and to take pain killers – we had to fight to get to see a neurologist.

“It was the neurologist who gave me the number for Momentum – if it hadn’t been for Momentum and Katy (Harkin) I wouldn’t be where I am today.

“I can go outside now and my speech is improving.”

Galashiels-based Momentum helps over 100 acquired-brain-injury sufferers, like Katrina, and their families from across the Scottish Borders.

Since 2002 professionals like Katy Harkin have been developing programmes to re-integrate their service users back into the community.

Katy told us: “Momentum offers one-one rehabilitation which includes cognitive strategies and emotional support.

“We also offer a range of support groups across the Borders so service users can meet others socially and get much needed peer support.

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