John Cooper resented being his disabled wife’s carer – Bournemouth Echo

A callous husband who turned off the power of his disabled wife’s wheelchair because he resented being her carer has been prosecuted for emotionally abusing her.

John Cooper left his vulnerable partner, Joie, stranded in the chair in their bungalow home through the cruel act.

Over a 16 day period the 76-year-old also put the wheelchair out of reach of her, threatened to hit her with her walking stick, denied her food, physically shook her and took the TV remote control off her.

A court heard Mrs Cooper, 80, became ever reliant on her common-law husband of 43 years after she was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and lost her mobility several years ago.

But Cooper “became increasingly resentful of her helplessness” culminating in the bout of emotional abuse and controlling behaviour.

The episode came to light when Mrs Cooper was visited by an occupational therapist on January 16 last year and she noticed the pensioner was “withdrawn and anxious”.

Mrs Cooper confided to carer Esther Fox about how her husband had been cruel and violent towards her over several weeks and she was scared to live at their bungalow in Poole, Dorset.

At that point Cooper started shouting more abuse from the bedroom “seemingly unaware” Miss Fox was still in the house.

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