Jack Harley-Walsh has dyslexia and dyscalculia – Bracknell News

A DYSLEXIC teenager who was turned away from 30 schools has started his dream course at university.

Jack Harley-Walsh first made headlines when he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for charity at the age of ten.

A year later he faced the even bigger obstacle of getting into a school, with 30 secondaries across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey saying no due to Jack’s high levels of special needs.

The 18 year-old has dyslexia and dyscalculia, a combination that makes reading, writing and numeracy based learning particularly difficult, and at 11 years-old little potential of a long career in education.

After winning a place at St David’s College in North Wales however, the south Ascot resident excelled.

The school’s specialist techniques and dyslexia focused teaching helped Jack to a strong set of GCSEs in 2015.

At the time he told The News: “I just wanted the results to make me feel proud of myself and for my teachers to be rewarded. I’ve now got a big smile and lots of goosebumps.

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