‘It’s crazy’: Teen golfer Kendall Kemm gets lesson from Nick Faldo after video of one-armed swing goes viral – USA TODAY

Kendall Kemm, who lost the use of her left hand after undergoing treatment for brain arteriovenous malformation, gets ready to throw a softball. Emily Brunner

Leslie Gudel and her kids got in her car when she saw the tweet. Gudel shireked.

“Holy (expletive), Nick (expletive) Faldo sent you a golf lesson!”

Gudel was talking — or exclaiming — to her 16-year-old daughter, Kendall Kemm, who had gone viral. Gudel had posted a video to her Twitter account of a session at the golf range Sunday in which Kemm is seen drawing through her backswing with just one arm, her right, and piping a shot straight down the fairway. Gudel is heard off-camera, rather impressed.

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