Is Friedreich’s Ataxia a Form of Muscular Dystrophy? – Friedreich’s Ataxia News

MAYOPATHY Institute of Muscular Dystrophy & Research Center, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu
From Wikimedia Commons

Just kidding! I want to unpack that question, because it is a valid one. Plus, the answer has a pretty interesting backstory. I am a columnist without any real scientific training, so this column is not a science article, and shouldn’t be considered one.

As a Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) patient I recognize the importance of the distinction between FA and muscular dystrophy (MD), and hope to bring that to light. I had this column fact-checked by two of my more scientifically intelligent friends, Shandra Trantham, another FA patient who is a graduate student in genetics at the University of Florida, and Lauren Wilkinson, former care and clinical services specialist for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and current associate director of patient engagement at Aavanti-Bio, a company working alongside the university with the sole purpose of finding a genetic therapy for FA.

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