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Wednesday, 19 July, 2023

‘I went to the UK’s first medi-spa to reverse my high blood pressure’ – The Telegraph

‘What’s your name and why have you joined our Metabolic Health Retreat?” each of us was asked on day one of our six-night stay at Combe Grove in Bath. “My name is Fiona and I’ve joined because I want to learn to live life to the full without killing myself in the process. I have high blood pressure and pre-diabetes; I would like to reverse them and keep them at bay. I am here to learn how and to find the strength to succeed.”

Combe Grove, an 18th-century manor with spectacular views over both Bath and the Wiltshire countryside, is the UK’s first proper medi-spa. Until now, world-class medical spas ­– Vivamayr, Lanserhof, Buchinger – have been confined to Austria and Germany; Combe Grove is the first in Britain, combining leading medical thinking with a more British, less clinical approach to overhauling the fundamentals of good health.

Its Metabolic Reset Retreat, with a 48-week follow-up, addresses – both medically and holistically – the epidemic of obesity and consequent ill health that assails our population. If you, like me, are metabolically broken, on the day you leave Combe Grove you should be on the road back to good health. On an emotional level, too, no one is without their worries and the support members of our group gave to one another as the week progressed, and since, has been uplifting.

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