‘I realised I had Parkinson’s after reading about it in i’ – iNews

Debbie realised that her strange symptoms were due to Parkinsons after reading a story on the illness in i

When Debbie Jolliff stumbled and broke her ankle on holiday last summer, at the top of a Shropshire hill, she assumed she’d been unlucky. The accident capped an ill-fated few years, spanning breast cancer, enforced menopause, and a host of niggling issues, from struggling with her balance to finding it hard to play her beloved violin.

“Everyone wondered why I was so bad on my crutches,” says Debbie, 54, who lives just outside Lincoln. Most perplexing, however, was what happened when she tried to write. “I used to have quite neat handwriting but it deteriorated and got smaller over about the past two years.”

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