‘I had a stroke at 24 and it made me forget my baby daughter’s name’ – Metro.co.uk

‘In reality, it can happen to anyone – including babies’ (Pictures: Nicola Brown)

Nicola was just 24 when she was left partially blind after a devastating stroke.

She was a healthy young mum with a four-year-old boy and a six-month-old baby girl. She was even sent home from hospital after doctors mistook her seizures for sleepwalking.

When she had her haemorrhagic stroke, surgeons were forced to operate on her brain and told Nicola that she had just a 50% chance of survival.

Waking up from that operation felt like a blessing, but she was left visually impaired. She also had to battle with the stigma associated with being a young stroke survivor and the ignorance of others.

‘It has been difficult and quite shocking at times,’ Nicola tells Metro.co.uk.

‘People are extremely shocked when I say I’ve had a stroke, and I get the usual comments about not knowing it happens to young people. In reality, it can happen to anyone – including babies.

‘I think it comes down to people not grasping that your brain controls everything. So no, reading glasses can’t improve my visual impairment.

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