‘I had a seizure on a first date’ reveals woman diagnosed with brain tumour at 26 – Metro

A woman diagnosed with epilepsy caused by a tumour growing on her brain is refusing to let it take over her life – even when it means having a seizure on a first date.

Rosalie Marsden has just started a video series online in a bid to help others understand the difficulties of balancing life with epilepsy as a young woman.

She was diagnosed three years ago after suffering up to five seizures a day and not knowing what was going on.

Since then, she says they can come and go at any time, and sometimes, at the worst of times.

‘They are really random, I can have one a day, or every few days,’ she told Metro.co.uk.

‘It can happen at any moment and when I’m doing something important which can be really frustrating.

‘I had a seizure on a first date, and during a job interview – I didn’t get it.

‘The worst was when I was giving a presentation and I suddenly had to run to the side of the stage and sit down and everyone was like “what is she doing?!”.

‘It’s pretty annoying.It’s something that I’m thinking about all the time.’

Rosalie, now 29, is facing an agonising decision over whether or not to have brain surgery to remove her tumour in the hope it also cures her epilepsy.

But the terrifying consequences of the surgery could be that she loses her speech, memory, or worse.

‘It’s really really scary, and I’m still learning and trying to process this,’ she said.

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