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Tuesday, 4 July, 2023

How wearable tech is helping people with Parkinson’s — ITV News

Researchers from two universities are leading an international study investigating how wearable technology can help those living with Parkinson’s disease.

The team at Northumbria and Newcastle Universities, along with the University of Lisbon in Portugal, have developed the Cue Band – a wearable wristband device that delivers a vibration ‘cue’, prompting the patient to swallow without the need for medical intervention.

The part of the brain which prompts the automatic swallowing response can be impacted by Parkinson’s disease, meaning patients can experience a pooling of saliva which can result in drooling or even choking.

John Taylor, from Whitley Bay, in North Tyneside, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2021, has been taking part in the trial.

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