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Lyme disease is a progressive disease that has detrimental effects on the joints, brain, and muscles.

Amy Crawford has had Lyme disease for over 20 years after being bitten by a tick in Connecticut.

“I was diagnosed by by Sarah Knorr, a nurse practitioner here in St. Joseph. I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and I spent three-and-a-half months there,” Crawford said.

Crawford said Lyme disease has affected her both physically and mentally.

“I have neurological Lyme’s, which is in my brain. I have it in my bones, my muscles in my joints. I have a port in my chest where I take anywhere from six to 12 weeks’ worth of high doses of antibiotics and various different medications.”

While there is no cure for Lyme disease, Crawford encourages those affected by Lyme disease to not to give up as she continues her life with her diagnosis.

“I want to live — I don’t want to just survive and I will continue this battle by educating myself and others until there is a cure. It’s horrible and some days you can’t even leave your house and you don’t know the name of your kids or your husband. Days when you can’t walk on your two feet because you have such severe pain, but don’t give up. Be a warrior,” Crawford said.

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