How to manage money if you have ADHD: The condition can make it tough to deal with finances – iNews

Thousands of people think their money problems are a character failing, when in fact they have a neurodevelopmental condition that conspires against financial organisation (Photo: Kazuma Seki/Getty)

Recently, I went to a school to give a talk to their sixth form. Afterwards, a student asked me a very interesting question: “Do you have any advice on how to manage money if you have ADHD?”

She heard me speak about different ways to stay in control of our money, rather than let it control us. But she wondered how my advice would apply to her, as someone who is prone to overspending, impulse buying and neglecting financial admin.

I decided to do some more research and I have learned so much about how misunderstood conditions can colour people’s approach to money, often in ways that don’t click into place until they get a diagnosis.

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