How music can help reach through brain injury – Chichester Observer

Music can be an absolute life-line to people with acquired brain injury – which makes it highly appropriate that music will be at the heart of a fund-raising concert for Headway West Sussex.

Coming as part of this year’s Festival of Chichester, the concert will be on Sunday, June 16 at 3pm, featuring the Chichester Sinfonietta under conductor Mark Hartt-Palmer at Christchurch, Old Market Avenue. The music will include Vaughan Williams’ The Lark Ascending and Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus and a performance of London 2012 opening ceremony conductor/arranger Robin A Smith’s suite Le Weekend with the composer as piano soloist.

ased at Lodge Hill, Headway West Sussex works across West Sussex to support people who have survived a brain injury and now face a new future. It extends the support to families, unpaid carers, professionals and friends.

Headway West Sussex chairman Trevor Hines is delighted with the money and the profile the concert will raise: “As a charity we are hoisted by our own petard. We want people to know about what we do so that we can help them, but every time someone comes to us, it costs us money… so we are always needing to publicise what we do so that we can raise the money to continue to serve the people that we want to serve. We really are a Cinderella charity. We have no assets whatsoever. Whatever we get in goes straight out.”

But they work with a complete understanding of their clients, as Trevor says: “We have all been there. We have all gone there, and the wonderful part-timers that we have supporting us all give far, far more than their allotted time.”

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