How I Overcome Constant Worry About Life With Duchenne – Muscular Dystrophy News

Having Duchenne muscular dystrophy gives me plenty of things to worry about, like scheduling doctors’ appointments on time, not knowing when I might lose my ability to do certain actions, and using the bathroom when out with friends, because I know I’ll need help but will be too embarrassed to ask.

Myriad thoughts like these fly through my head every day. And that’s not to mention staying on track with articles and columns that I write for BioNews, the publisher of Muscular Dystrophy News Today, and for The Washington Post‘s video game section.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when all my tasks and medical problems seem to be coming at me like bullets from a thousand rifles. My faith, discipline, ample sleep, and time outside of the house with friends all help me stay sane through the trials and tribulations of life with a rare, progressive neuromuscular disease.

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