How his son’s dyslexia led this entrepreneur to start an AI-based platform for children with learning difficulties – YourStory

Niranjan Swamy, CEO of healthcare logistics solutions provider MedApp, launched AttentionKart to offer specialised content for kids with learning difficulties and analytics for stakeholders to better understand their academic interests.

Many parents experience periods of stress, worry, and grief as they adjust to the demands of parenting a child with a learning difficulty.

Mysore-based Niranjan Swamy’s own worry hit full stride when his son was in Class 1. Unable to fathom the ‘unusual’ behaviour — including crying, crankiness, and over-eating — Niranjan was told of his son’s issues during a parent-teacher meeting.

He was having trouble reading and writing, and was unable to cope up with his peer group. His impressive oral vocabulary and earnest personality were no longer enough to distract from growing academic concerns.

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