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Wheelchair user Daryl Mitchell plays Patton Plame on NCIS: New Orleans.

I don’t remember the first time I saw an actor in a wheelchair. This is probably because I didn’t start using a mobility aid for my multiple sclerosis until 2011 and didn’t become a full-time wheelchair user until 2014. After that, everything changed. It’s like when you buy a new car in a particular color. All of a sudden you see that car absolutely everywhere. As an avid watcher of movies and television, I have now become hyperaware of disability representation in the media.

Historically, the inclusion of a wheelchair user or someone with another disability in a movie or TV show often centers around that person’s disability. These forms of representation also frequently include the tired clichés of suffering, unhappiness or overcoming obstacles against all odds. It’s rare to come across a disabled character in media today where their disability is completely incidental to the plot or where they’re at least played by an actor with a similar disability.

Fortunately for us, every so often a film or television studio gets it right by casting an actor with a disability for a role that avoids cringy tropes. Unfortunately, many still don’t. Following we share a few that have nailed it, failed it or are just meh.

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