How Art Has Helped Me Express Myself As A Woman With Down’s Syndrome – Refinery29

As a 36-year-old who was born with Down’s Syndrome, it was always hard for me to talk about how I felt while growing up in Melbourne. But over time, I’ve learnt to use different forms of art – painting, photography, poetry and dancing – to express my feelings and explore my interests.

Having that outlet to express how you feel is better than bottling up your feelings or whatever’s inside you. Art gives me the freedom to actually process my emotions and what’s going on inside. In fact, expressing my feelings and talking about nostalgia, shyness and self-affirmation was really important to me during my recent spoken word performance, Having a Disability, supported by the Footscray Community Arts Centre – a Melbourne-based organisation which I’m doing an arts residency at so I can focus on my poetry.

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