A hiker who suffers from epileptic seizures climbs 500 miles for charity – Surrey Comet

A determined writer who suffers from epileptic seizures has conquered the mountains of Spain to prove what her body is still capable of and raise money for charity this summer.

Fran Turauskis, 28, from Hook, made the 500-mile hike across the northern route of the Camino de Santiago, in Spain, in five weeks for Epilepsy Action and the British Heart Foundation.

The epilepsy sufferer who was diagnosed in 2014 after having her first seizure seven years ago at university decided she wanted to prove that she can still have some control of her body and ‘break the fear and taboo’ around a condition which is still ‘misunderstood’.

Ms Turauskis said: “I have always been independent and went travelling before I was diagnosed three years ago.

“My first seizure was at university seven years ago and they have been on and off ever since before I started medication for them.

“It became harder to travel and people thought I wouldn’t be able to do it again but I haven’t had a seizure in two years now and I wanted another adventure – another physical challenge to prove I could do it.

“I always use to hike when I was younger so I typed into google long walk and mountains and up came the Camino de Santiago.”

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