‘He was coming home from school saying things like, “Mum I’m dumb”‘: The Bachelor’s Alex Nation reveals heartbreaking news about her seven-year-old son Elijah – Daily Mail

Bachelor winner Alex Nation was just 19 when she welcomed her son Elijah.

And on Tuesday, the former reality TV star shared the unfortunate news that her seven-year-old had been diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

Alex, 27, revealed on Instagram that Elijah had recently been experiencing learning difficulties at school and it was affecting his self-confidence.

‘For the past four months, my little ray of sunshine simply wasn’t shining as bright as he usually does,’ she wrote in an emotional post. ‘He was coming home from school saying things to me like, “Mum I’m dumb”.

‘His confidence at school was completely shattered and it broke my heart. Struggling to read and write and finding it difficult to complete tasks at school, his teacher contacted me and suggest he be tested for learning difficulties.’

Shortly afterwards, Alex and her ex-husband Joel Porter approached a psychologist who conducted a series of learning tests with Elijah over the course of two months.

She explained: ‘Yesterday was our final session and Joel and I came to learn that Elijah has dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, all [of] which he rated as severe, and moderate ADHD (inattentive).

‘To put it simply, reading, writing, maths, concentration and organisation are significant challenges for him and it was explained to us that he is quite impaired.’

Alex was initially distressed by the diagnosis, but eventually saw it as an opportunity for Elijah to realise and nurture his strengths.

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