Has lockdown helped us understand visual impairments? – TES News

It was wonderful to see the reference in a recent edition of Tes to the overwhelming importance of touch in the lives and learning of our young people in schools.

As a school primarily for children with visual impairments, we are hardened veterans in the use and employment of touch, not only for teaching and learning but also for growth, development, discovery and creative exploration. Our children are experts in tactile feedback, in gaining an understanding of the world around them in a short space of time through touch and other senses. They move around the school with their hands on trail rails and find where they are with tactile signifiers at every door. They listen attentively to sounds and identify people from the sound of their footsteps or emotions through the pitch and tone of a voice.

Click here to read full article https://www.tes.com/news/has-lockdown-helped-us-understand-visual-impairments


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